Truck Talk with Bendix

Truck Talk with Bendix

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

Something you'd like to hear us discuss? Email Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems develops and supplies leading-edge active safety technologies, energy management solutions, plus Bendix brand air brake charging and control systems for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles across North America. Truck Talk with Bendix is hosted by Denise L. Rondini, president of Rondini Communications, a communications company covering the trucking industry. Projects include: magazine feature articles, white papers, blogs, profile articles, website copy, press releases and more. Rondini has been involved in the trucking industry for nearly 35 years.

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The air dryer is an essential part of trucking - and subject to increasing demands on today's commercial vehicles. Bendix's Rich Nagel joins Denise Rondini to discuss the needs of modern compressed air and connected systems, as well as the new Bendix AD-HFi air dryer and the electronic pressure control which increases dryer capability and saves energy. Truck Talk is hosted by Denise Rondini, president of Rondini Communications, who has been covering the trucking industry for nearly 35 years. Got a question or topic suggestion? Email us:

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