CHKT Fairchild Radio 1430 AM - live
CHKT Fairchild Radio 1430 AM
Taichi - Crystal


Taichi 23 hours ago
Beyond - Amani


Beyond 23 hours ago
at17 - 你好嗎?


at17 23 hours ago
Agnes Chan - 香港, 香港

香港, 香港

Agnes Chan 23 hours ago
スマートゲート - 料理


スマートゲート 23 hours ago
Leon Lai - 我來自北京


Leon Lai 23 hours ago
麥潔文 - 萊茵河之戀


麥潔文 23 hours ago
Miriam Yeung - 如果東京不快樂


Miriam Yeung 23 hours ago
Priscilla Chan - 山手線


Priscilla Chan 23 hours ago
區瑞強 - 鼓浪嶼


區瑞強 23 hours ago
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CHKT Fairchild Radio 1430 AM - live

For those in the know, CHKT Fairchild Radio 1430 AM is the go-to station for a taste of home and a connection to the vibrant Asian community in Toronto. Broadcasting in multiple languages such as Cantonese, Mandarin, and other Asian dialects, this radio station offers a little something for everyone.

From the latest news and current events to cultural programs that celebrate our rich heritage, CHKT Fairchild Radio 1430 AM is a hub for the Asian community in Canada. Tune in for a mix of music shows featuring popular tunes from across Asia, and don't miss the engaging talk shows that dive into the issues that matter to our community.

Categories:  Talk

Frequencies CHKT Fairchild Radio 1430 AM

Richmond Hill: 1430 AM

Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Unknown - 祝福

2. Jayjen - Colourful

3. IGOR - Prince Igor (Remix)

4. MBB - Beach

5. Paccman chico - Work It Out

6. Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday (Instrumental Arrangement)

7. 彭家麗 - 是不是這樣的夜晚... 你才會這樣的想起我

8. VICTORY INS - Fashion Nights

9. 軟硬 - 的士夠格

10. 林海峰 - 重要嘅嘢講三次

Last 30 days:

1. MaxKoMusic - Patriotic Feelings

2. Ivana Wong - 狠愛狠愛你 (電影《飯戲攻心》主題曲)

3. Piki - Healing Spell

4. Inossi - Illusion

5. Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You

6. 张平福 - 迎新送旧又一年

7. Jayjen - Colourful

8. MBB - Beach

9. The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE

10. 中国广播民族乐团 - 打枣






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