Ideas from CBC Radio (Highlights)

Ideas from CBC Radio (Highlights)

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IDEAS is a deep-dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history. No topic is off-limits. In the age of clickbait and superficial headlines, it's for people who like to think.

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Lucy Ellmann's Booker-nominated Ducks, Newburyport, captures our fractious, fractured age through the eyes of a likeable, pie-baking housewife in Ohio in an epic running one thousand pages long in one, single sentence.

Previous episodes

  • 774 - Our fractured, fractious age in one sentence: Lucy Ellmann 
    Fri, 11 Oct 2019
  • 773 - If you support human rights you're obliged to be an anti-colonialist, argues scholar 
    Thu, 10 Oct 2019
  • 772 - Olive Senior delivers prestigious 2019 Margaret Laurence Lecture: A Writer's Life 
    Wed, 09 Oct 2019
  • 771 - 'In my great and unmatched wisdom': Donald Trump's new world order 
    Tue, 08 Oct 2019
  • 770 - Lessons off Broadway: Princeton professor dissects zeitgeist in musicals 
    Fri, 04 Oct 2019
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