Someone Knows Something

Someone Knows Something

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Host David Ridgen joins victims' family members as they investigate cold cases, tracking down leads, speaking to suspects and searching for answers. S1: Adrien McNaughton. S2 Sheryl Sheppard. S3: Dee ...

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Throughout the 1980s, Satanic cults were widely believed to be terrorizing and torturing children. There were hundreds of false allegations and countless lives torn apart — but never any real proof. Uncover: Satanic Panic is out now. Subscribe at

Previous episodes

  • 98 - Introducing Uncover: Satanic Panic 
    Wed, 05 Feb 2020
  • 97 - Introducing Hunting Warhead 
    Tue, 05 Nov 2019
  • 96 - S3 Bonus: Return to Mississippi 
    Mon, 23 Sep 2019
  • 94 - S5 Update: "I was here all night" 
    Wed, 06 Mar 2019
  • 89 - S5 Episode 10 Part 2: Sumner 
    Mon, 19 Nov 2018
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