Manifest Space with Morgan Brennan

Manifest Space with Morgan Brennan


“Manifest Space” hosted by CNBC’s Morgan Brennan focuses on the billionaires and brains behind the ever-expanding opportunities beyond our atmosphere. Brennan features conversations with the mega moguls, industry leaders, and startups in today’s satellite, space, and defense industries looking to invest in the next frontier and guides listeners on how to get in. Sit back, relax, and prepare for liftoff in “Manifest Space.”

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Lunar services company Intuitive Machines made history as the first company to successfully land a private spacecraft on the moon. After a wild ride involving a nailbiter of a slightly titled, but soft landing—the spacecraft Odysseus went to sleep as lunar night sets in and is bound to freeze key components. Co-founder & CEO Steve Altemus joins Morgan Brennan to discuss the technical challenges, the sponsorship opportunities which have arisen post-landing, and whether or not Odie can reawaken and “phone home.”

Previous episodes

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    Tue, 13 Feb 2024
  • 94 - Hawaiian Airlines Strikes SpaceX Partnership (Part 2) with Starlink VP of Business Operations Chad Gibbs 
    Thu, 8 Feb 2024
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