Dream On: Lucid Dreaming and Sleep

Dream On: Lucid Dreaming and Sleep


Welcome to the Dream On Podcast! I’m Jennifer, a natural lucid dreamer and a current college student in California. I have a real passion for science, learning, and discovering more about lucid dreams and the power of the human mind and brain. In this podcast I talk about Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Disorders, Mental Health, and anything else related to Sleep and Dreams. I hope you learn something new from this podcast, and I hope you have fun doing so! Listen in, and Dream On!

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Hello! In today's episode I tell three dream stories, which all happened right in a row. These were some wild dreams that left me feeling fascinated, excited, and angry - in that order. I was a little off in this episode based on what I heard during my editing, so I hope you guys can laugh with me about it haha. I think I'm still awkward discussing my imaginary friends, which as you can imagine is quite odd to do with an audience! Thanks to the Patrons for supporting the show!! Now, everyone, keep up those journals and Dream On! Social Media: Instagram - @dream_on_podcast Send a voice message at Anchor.fm/dream-on When sending a voice message, from now on, please include: How much of your information you want heard in the episode (name, country, et cetera) and your personal pronouns (such as "she," "he," "they," and so on). These can be in separate messages! Support me on Patreon at Patreon.com/dreamonpodcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dream-on/message

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