Diane Daly - I Ain't Blue

I Ain't Blue

Diane Daly 23 hours ago
Allison Adams Tucker - Tropicalia


Allison Adams Tucker 23 hours ago
Sasha Dobson - You Go to My Head

You Go to My Head

Sasha Dobson 23 hours ago
Louise Alexandra - Try Something New (feat. Miriam Waks)

Try Something New (feat. Miriam Waks)

Louise Alexandra 23 hours ago
Maria Esteban - A Doodlin' Song

A Doodlin' Song

Maria Esteban 23 hours ago
Paulette McWilliams - Life Is the Fountain

Life Is the Fountain

Paulette McWilliams 23 hours ago
Salena Jones - AGUA DE BEBER


Salena Jones 23 hours ago
Marie Mørck - On My Way to Nowhere

On My Way to Nowhere

Marie Mørck 23 hours ago
Louise Van Aarsen - Miss You Till I See You

Miss You Till I See You

Louise Van Aarsen 23 hours ago
Cecil L. Recchia - Ahmad's Blues

Ahmad's Blues

Cecil L. Recchia 23 hours ago
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Virginiamusic - live

Just music, female voices only
Categories:  Jazz

Frequencies Virginiamusic

Toronto: Online

Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Ada Morghe - Everything Is Everything

2. San Glaser - For All We Know

3. Dana Lauren - That Old Black Magic

4. Nicole Zuraitis - Stinger

5. Amanda Ginsburg - Havsmelodi (Radio Edit)

6. Robin Lukas - How High the Moon

7. Anne Bisson - Moondance

8. Anne Bisson - I Wake up (The Nightmare)

9. Anne Bisson - The Seabreeze

10. Allison Adams Tucker - Bamboléo

Last 30 days:

1. Marie Mørck - On My Way to Nowhere

2. Naama - Oh! You Crazy Moon

3. Elizabeth Shepherd - Guests

4. Amanda Ginsburg - Havsmelodi (Radio Edit)

5. Jessica Medina - Locura

6. Robin McKelle - Taking a Chance on Love

7. Randy Brecker - Almost True

8. Hetty Kate - Goody Goodbye

9. Hetty Kate - Please Don't Bug Me

10. Sarah Brown - I'm on My Way





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