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Well Now is an integrative health series that gets real about the difference between basic health and fully empowered, personal wellness. By creating a dialogue between traditional doctors, alternative therapists and real people telling their real stories, we want to give you access to a holistic understanding of healing and what it means to be well. Powered by Saje Natural Wellness http://www.saje.com/

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Sometimes your own thought patterns can keep you from moving forward with intention. When that happens, getting outside and putting one foot in front of the other might help you move forward. Hear Well Now host, Meghann as she goes on a walk with Daniel Maté to help move beyond some limiting thoughts. Explored in this episode Moving through the state of feeling “stuck” The benefits of nature on our physical and emotional well-being Growing into a healthy mindfulness mindset The power of the words you choose to describe yourself and your state of mind For show notes, click here. Powered by Saje Natural Wellness

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