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Vancouver's premier real estate podcast. Your source for buying, selling, or investing in the Vancouver Real Estate Market with two of Vancouver's top realtors, Adam and Matt Scalena.

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With fires burning all Summer and the recent atmospheric rivers and devastating floods, climate change should be on your mind if you are considering where to buy a home or invest in Vancouver or British Columbia, in general. But if only there was an easy way to search and make sense of the best available climate data? Enter Cal Inman, Bay Area developer, UC Berkeley Lecturer, and now CEO of ClimateCheck, a resource that empowers property buyers, owners and brokers by quantifying investment risks in relation to the climate crisis in simple terms. How should we think of climate change in relation to real estate purchases? How can we mitigate existing risks? And are certain regions of North America absolutely off limits moving forward? All your climate questions and concerns answered on today's episode!  

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