Under the Influence with Terry O'Reilly

Under the Influence with Terry O'Reilly

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Under the Influence gives listeners a rare backstage pass into the hallways, boardrooms and recording studios of the ad industry. Join host and adman Terry O’Reilly for fascinating (and humorous) stories that connect the dots between pop culture, marketing and human nature.

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This week, we look at one of the oldest advertising mediums - skywriting. From its beginning back in the early 1920s, skywriting was once the most sensational advertising medium in the country. We’ll look at the most famous skywriting campaigns, the most recent billboards in the sky and some of the most amusing spelling errors.

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    Thu, 18 Feb 2021
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    Thu, 04 Feb 2021
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    Thu, 28 Jan 2021
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    Mon, 13 Jan 2020
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