Ultimo Pasto

Ultimo Pasto

Ayushi Agrawal

The journey from CA to now a Culinary Arts student has been intriguing. My fascination w food has what kept me going through all these years to now finally having it as my profession! Join me in my journey as we nerd talk and decode all the ingredients, methods, recipes, science, nutrition, cooking on a budget, hacks. And understand this entire beautiful process of turning simple raw ingredients into a scrumptious meal. Welcome to Ultimo Pasto. 🌸 Instagram: @ultimopasto Twitter: @ultimopasto Facebook: @ultimopasto Email: ultimopasto@gmail.com

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We have all had been in a hunger crises where we wanted something filling (mentally and physically 🙈) yet did not want to cook! Well, here’s a simple solution, Sandwiches!! Tune in to this season’s finale, as I talk with my mentor, Chef Babu Nagarajan who has had more than 15 years of diverse experience in the industry and an extensive exposure to Garde Manger (the cold prep area of the kitchen where the sandwiches are made), as he talks candidly about experiences, his sandwich guilty pleasure, popular guest choices and more! You can follow Chef Babu on Instagram : https://instagram.com/babu.nagarajan84?igshid=ul68fkdh6itd

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