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Tourette's Podcast

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Authentic conversations about Tourette Syndrome, produced by an insider who isn't interested in the ol' one-dimensional take on what it's like to have TS. On each episode, host Ben Brown talks with a fellow Touretter about his or her history, tics, social interactions and daily management of Tourette's -- whether by masking it, owning it, medicating it, or something altogether different. It's engaging, funny, heavy, real. Get ready to meet people who blow away the standard portrayal.

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On the finale episode of Season 6, we close out an important ticket with a parent who wanted to know how to tell his young son he'd been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome; we start up a book list; we urge your participation in National Advocacy Day (for U.S. residents); and then we get to the perfect guest to close out the season, Calvin Ramirez. This one feels like it answers a lot about where we've been.

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