The Traxion Podcast - Racing video games, esports and sim racing

The Traxion Podcast - Racing video games, esports and sim racing


The Traxion.GG Podcast is your entry into the world of racing video games, esports and sim racing. If there's a game or platform out there – we will cover it and discuss it with each guest. That includes motorsport drivers, racing esports stars and game developers. Listen if you're interested in releases such as Assetto Corsa Competizione, Gran Turismo, iRacing, Forza, Formula 1, MotoGP, WRC and more. A racing game and sim racing podcast from the Traxion.GG team.

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Join Ross Gowing, Senior Creative Director, and Jon Armstong, Game Designer and real-world rally champion, to discuss EA SPORTS WRC with Thomas Harrison-Lord, covering all the smaller details you may have missed.

Are stages 1:1 recreations of the real-world WRC venues? How was the 2017-spec Volkswagen Polo captured? How did the project come about?

The first official World Rally Championship games, by Codemasters, hear how the team has worked with Unreal Engine, refined DiRT Rally 2.0's handling system and implemented the new-for-Rally1 hybrid system.

All are answered here, but also be sure to let us know your thoughts via the Traxion website's comments section - we'll try to answer your questions!

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EA SPORTS WRC full car list -

EA SPORTS WRC location list -

EA SPORTS Gameplay preview -

EA SPORTS WRC Clubs, Multiplayer and Builder detailed -

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