The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Tom Ferry

Greatness lives within us all. But have you tapped into yours – or is it stuck inside you? Top-ranked real estate and business coach Tom Ferry’s life’s work is all about helping people fulfill their vast untapped potential. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience will give you the knowledge, support, motivation and tools to succeed in business and achieve your true potential. This show is designed to help you grow, achieve more, earn more and ultimately, fulfill the greatness within you.

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What happens when L.A. and NYC luxury agents – who accounted for nearly $20 million in GCI in 2021 – converge in a Dallas podcast studio?

YOU get to hear multiple perspectives on what it takes to succeed in luxury real estate, that’s what.

On today’s Luxury Code, Jon & Lauren Grauman from the Westside of L.A. and Steven Cohen from Manhattan share their insights into the true meaning of luxury, the importance of authenticity, marketing tips and more!

Whether you’re a luxury agent looking for tips or you aspire to break into luxury real estate, be sure to join us for part one of this two-part episode.

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