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The Rush Limbaugh Show, the most-listened-to national talk show in America, features the “Doctor of Democracy’s” unprecedented combination of serious discussion of political, cultural and social issues, along with satirical and biting humor, which parodies previously “untouchable” personalities and topics. Limbaugh’s passion inspires millions of Americans to be the best they can be and keeps the country on course to a bright future.

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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman hosts today's tribute to Rush. Governor Ron DeSantis orders Florida flags to fly at half-staff in honor of Rush, Florida Democrat Agriculture Commissioner refuses the order. Rush talking about Governor DeSantis, his desire for an honorary degree from the Limbaugh Institute and his guts in taking on the left and Big Tech. Rush on the lesson of Tiger Woods' comeback: Don't worry about what other people think of you. El Rusbho had Dr. Fauci's number from the beginning, covered him with his one-of-a-kind combination of humor and serious discussion of issues. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Rush on the Mars Rover, his love of technology, space exploration and flight, inspired by his family. Obama and Springsteen launch a podcast, Rush told us why. Caller says Rush converted him from socialism. Democrat Ro Khanna admits that Democrats are using minimum wage to kill small businesses. Rush makes the complex understandable on the minimum wage and how Democrats have become the party of Big Business. Caller speaks for all of us: We miss Rush so much. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Rush on how Democrats survive on good intentions. More on the minimum wage. Remembering the day in 1992 when Rush "endorsed Bill Clinton". The Maha Rushie on how to be happy. Recalling when America partied in Rush Rooms. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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