Mending Broken Beliefs

Mending Broken Beliefs

eden busani

I have my own story and I'm sure you have yours - it's what makes you unique in a sense. Every story has its ups and downs - like a heart monitor - it must go up and down to show life, if it goes in a flat line of "perfection" the monitor reveals death. Sometimes we believe our life must go in a flat line of perfection, without the ups and downs of life. I'm here to change that perspective for you and make you grateful for your ups, as well as your downs. This podcast will mend your broken beliefs of yourself and give you another chance because YOU CAN ALWAYS CHOOSE AGAIN! xoxo, Eden

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Turning challenges into opportunities is no easy feat! In this episode you'll discover 4 AMAZING ways to transform any challenge into an opportunity. Follow on Instagram @mendingbrokenbeliefs. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. --- Send in a voice message:

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