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The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discuss his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, his thoughts on key issues such as climate change, woke ideological capture, Big Pharma’s stranglehold on Democrat campaign funding and the legacy media, and how the ideals that unite Americans are stronger than the ones which divide. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a writer, attorney, activist, and politician, who has had a career-spanning focus on clean water, environmental, and public health issues. RFK Jr. is the founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance — the world’s largest clean water advocacy group — and served as its longtime chairman and attorney. In this role, he spearheaded the New York City Watershed Agreement, which has come to be considered an international model for sustainable development and stakeholder consensus negotiation. RFK Jr. was named Time Magazine’s “Hero For The Planet” for his efforts to restore the Hudson River, which along with other achievements has led to more than 300 Waterkeeper organizations taking root across the globe. As nephew of the United States' beloved 35th president, and having dutifully earned his own acclaim across decades of formative work, he is now running for the presidency himself in the 2024 election. - Links - For Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Kennedy 2024 Campaign site: Robert F. Kennedy on Twitter:

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