The Informed Traveler

The Informed Traveler

Randy Sharman

The Informed Traveler is a weekly travel podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest travel news trends and destination ideas. Each week we dive into the latest travel stories and how they effect you, the traveler. Plus we provide insight traveling to interesting destinations and and useful travel tips to help you along the way.

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On this week's podcast, travel expert and weekly guest, Onanta Forbes is on her third week of her travel adventure in the UK sailing on the Royal Princess so we'll catch up with her once again and get an update to see where she's been and what she's been doing. Plus, if taking a rail trip is in your future plans you'll want to hear our conversation with Cris David, VP of Sales for Railbookers, a company that specializes in rail travel. And, Ken Stewart from Crowfoot Travel Solutions will be along to give us a few destination ideas and travel deals with our Weekly Round Up. 

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