Super Data Science: ML & AI Podcast with Jon Krohn

Super Data Science: ML & AI Podcast with Jon Krohn

Jon Krohn

The latest machine learning, A.I., and data career topics from across both academia and industry are brought to you by host Dr. Jon Krohn on the Super Data Science Podcast. As the quantity of data on our planet doubles every couple of years and with this trend set to continue for decades to come, there's an unprecedented opportunity for you to make a meaningful impact in your lifetime. In conversation with the biggest names in the data science industry, Jon cuts through hype to fuel that professional impact. Whether you're curious about getting started in a data career or you're a deep technical expert, whether you'd like to understand what A.I. is or you'd like to integrate more data-driven processes into your business, we have inspiring guests and lighthearted conversation for you to enjoy. We cover tools, techniques, and implementation tricks across data collection, databases, analytics, predictive modeling, visualization, software engineering, real-world applications, commercialization, and entrepreneurship − everything you need to crush it with data science.

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Jon Krohn presents an insightful overview of Google's groundbreaking Gemini Pro 1.5, a million-token LLM that's transforming the landscape of AI. Discover the innovative aspects of Gemini Pro 1.5, from its extensive context window to its multimodal functionalities, which are broadening the scope of AI technology and signifying a significant leap in data science. Plus, join Jon for a practical demonstration, showcasing the real-world applications, capabilities, and limitation of this advanced language model. Additional materials: Interested in sponsoring a SuperDataScience Podcast episode? Visit for sponsorship information.

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