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The first ever LIVE episode of Scouting Stuff, and an introduction to Scouts Canada’s “Sasquatch Seekers” event.

Podcast Topics

In the first of what will become a series of LIVE episodes, Scouter Ken is joined by Kate Larkin - the Director of Program & Volunteer Services for Scouts Canada - to discuss the Sasquatch Seekers challenge. This is a series of four weekly challenges for Scout Groups across Canada to complete, exploring a variety of activities and skills all themed around the hunt for Canada’s most elusive megafauna.

(There’s also a leaderboard, by the way. With prizes.)

Mike Eybel - the Associate Director of Communications for Scouts Canada, and an occasional guest of the podcast - also makes an appearance or two.

And again: this episode is a recording of a live event that was done on the Scouts Canada Discussion Group on Facebook.


A big thank you to Scouts Canada and Mike Eybel for facilitating this episode, and to Kate Larkin for being the inaugural guest!


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