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The Hamilton Today Podcast with Scott Thompson: The 6/49 jackpot is the largest in its history: if not one wins on Saturday, then Wednesdays will not only see a new record reached but also a guaranteed winner! Green Belt reversal, Cabinet shuffling, and a deal struck with the ETFO education workers: what is happening at Queen’s Park as the week comes to a close? Fill your weekend up with fairs! We look at the heated situation developing around Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School. Minister of Education Stephen Lecce joins us to discuss the tentative agreement reached with the ETFO education workers. What will Doug Ford’s reversal of Green Belt plans set in motion, will municipalities and developers be galvanized to make use of available lands now? “Slava Ukraini,” a voice shouted as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy entered the chamber of the House of Commons to give his historic address to Canadians. It is all coming up on the Hamilton Today Podcast! Guests: Tony Bitonti, Spokesperson, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Commission. Colin D’Mello, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, Global News. Gabor Lukacs, President, Air Passenger Rights advocacy group. Vincenzo “Vince” Carito, First VP of the Milton Fall Fair. Larry DiIanni, former mayor of Hamilton. Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education for the Province of Ontario. Murtaza Haider, Professor of Data Science and Real Estate Management at Toronto Metropolitan University. Aurel Braun, Professor of International Relations and a Senior Member of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. Host – Scott Thompson Content Producer – William Erskine Technical/Podcast Producer – Tom McKay Podcast Co-Producer – Ben Straughan News Anchor – Dave Woodard Want to keep up with what happened in Hamilton Today? Subscribe to the podcast! https://megaphone.link/CORU8835115919

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