China Rising

China Rising


Curiouscast and Global News present the second season in the “Rising” series: China Rising is an in-depth investigation into modern China and its strained relations with the West. Hosted by Global News Senior Correspondent Jeff Semple, this ten episode season investigates allegations Beijing is applying pressure and working to infiltrate the upper echelons of power in Western countries, including Canada. The Chinese government is accused of deploying a range of tactics, from disinformation to hostage diplomacy. How should Canada and its allies respond to China Rising?

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On Episode 10 of China Rising, we’ll discuss the dramatic rise in anti-Asian racism in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fuelled by misinformation about the virus and political rhetoric on both sides of the border, Canada saw a spike in reported hate crimes. Last year, anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver soared by more than 700%. We’ll hear from Canadians who’ve been targeted, including prominent figures in Canada’s political, arts and journalism communities, to shine a spotlight on the Canada’s hidden hate. Contact: Twitter: @JeffSempleGN Email: See for privacy information.

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