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Quirks and Quarks from CBC Radio

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CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.

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A new book lets the Milky Way speak for itself - and it’s kind of a jerk; Watch out for the quiet ones – The smartest racoons are the most docile; 375 million years ago an animal crawled out of the water - then noped right back in; Seventeen bodies found in a medieval well were likely from a 12th century hate-crime; The science of a city’s summer smells; Quirks listener question - Food caching.

Previous episodes

  • 537 - The Milky Way tells its story, raccoon criminal masterminds, back to the water, a medieval hate-crime and a city's summer smells. 
    Fri, 23 Sep 2022
  • 536 - 10,000 steps really are good for you, Astronomers thrilled by JWST, garbage picking cockatoos, on thin ice with Canadian glaciologists and red skies at night? 
    Fri, 16 Sep 2022
  • 535 - Quirks & Quarks Science in the Field special 
    Fri, 09 Sep 2022
  • 534 - Quirks & Quarks is on hiatus - new programs in September 
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022
  • 533 - The Quirks & Quarks listener question show 
    Fri, 24 Jun 2022
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