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Dave Dubeau

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We’re starting something NEW this week – our very first “FreeFlow Friday” episode of the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast.  I hope you enjoy it, and more importantly, get some actionable ideas.  One of the biggest ‘ah-ha’ moments I had when I started working with JV and Investor-partners is just how much PROFIT one investor represented to my long-term financial future. …and I think you may be very surprised to see how much even one investor-partner can mean to you as well. For this #FreeFlowFriday episode, I share the concept of the LTW (lifetime worth) of an investor, why it’s important AND how to calculate it for yourself.  Once you discover this concept you’ll NEVER look at an investor (or prospective investor) the same way! Listen in and understand your investors’ lifetime worth, change your perspective on getting more money partners, and be even more excited and motivated to get them.  What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode: Understand how much of a financial impact a money partner has for your life not just for the deal they are doing with you, but also for your over-all profitability LONG-TERM  Change your perspective on money partners and become even more excited about getting and partnering with them  Discover how to raise capital with investor partners who enjoy returns on their capital at the same time they are helping to maximize your own profits  Resources/Links: Are you looking to attract investors and raise capital for your deals? Get a complimentary copy of Dave Dubeau’s newest book, called ‘The Money Partner Formula’. Get your PDF version at Topics Covered: 02:44 – Why working with investor partners is worth their weight in gold  03:36 – Dave giving an idea and calculating how much worth of a lifetime value one investor worth to him  05:32 – What he found to be an increased lifetime value to him of one happy investors’ referral  08:25 – Calculating the average profit per deal for you in your market and using your particular strategy  09:16 – Explaining the eight different profit centers in real estate and how they contribute to profit generation  11:17 – Rule of thumb for the minimum investment required for one’s deals  12:38 – Figuring out the lifetime worth of a money partner using single-family home strategy  17:00 – Keep in mind the lifetime worth of an investor partner and always treat your investors like gold  17:28 – Dave giving his one powerful tip  Key Takeaways:  “It sure blew me away when I figured this out for myself. It will change your perspective on working with investor partners; it’ll make you realize that they’re worth their weight in gold and that you definitely need to treat them like gold.” – Dave Dubeau   “What I found was if that investor partner was happy with how things went with the investment, he’d become a happy camper. And he might very well invest with me again. Sometimes people would miraculously have another 80 or $100,000 available to invest that they didn’t tell me about the first place, or when they were done that deal they would reinvest with me in the next year.” – Dave Dubeau   “If I do a reasonable job at getting testimonials and getting referrals, I can probably expect to get one referred investor partner for every two investors that I have on board. In other words, each investor would be worth the equivalent of one and a half investors, because for every two of them, I’d probably get one referral to another investment.” – Dave Dubeau   “You’re going to keep in mind the lifetime worth of an investor partner, and always treat your investors like gold.”  – Dave Dubeau  Connect with Dave Dubeau:  Property Profits Podcast  Facebook  LinkedIn  Enjoyed the Podcast?  Please subscribe on iTunes for updates

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