New York Gritty

New York Gritty

Steve Kastenbaum

Is New York City in a death spiral, or will it mount an epic comeback from the impacts of the pandemic? New York Gritty explores the resiliency of New Yorkers in a time of crisis. Will they find a way to bring their city back from the brink of economic disaster, or has New York been irreversibly changed? The spread of coronavirus transformed the Big Apple in previously unimaginable ways, from shutting down the subway system overnight for the first time to dimming the lights on Broadway indefinitely. Over 1 million jobs were lost across New York during the shutdown. The city faces a projected $13 billion budget shortfall over the next four years. Each of the ten episodes of New York Gritty highlights a different area of the city’s economy and social fabric as host Steve Kastenbaum celebrates the anonymous and famous heroes who keep New York’s magic alive during dark times. The veteran radio journalist explores the looming challenges through the personal stories of his fellow New Yorkers. New York Gritty will premiere on February 16th. 

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Throughout the New York Gritty podcast we heard from people in a variety of areas who share the unshakeable belief that New York will mount an epic recovery from the pandemic crisis, that it is just a matter of time. The city bounced back from many crises in the past - the fiscal crisis of the 1970’s, a crime wave in the late 80’s and early 90’s, 9/11, the Great Recession, superstorm Sandy. Through each major event New Yorkers banded together and showed their resilience while waiting for the city to recover. In this season one finale episode, New York Gritty looks at what lessons can be learned from the past to guide the city through its current crisis and the inevitable comeback.

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