Little Readers Ages 6-8

Little Readers Ages 6-8

Joanne Avery

The mission here is to instill a love of reading in our little readers. To broaden their experiences through and from reading. To make it real for them by incorporating the elements of the story into their lives. First, you'll listen to a story read by Miss Joan, then respond to questions that engage listening and comprehension skills, which finally tap into the child's creativity, and applications to their daily circumstances. Virtual tutoring with Miss Joan is now available at

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Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia  is written by Herman Parish, with illustrations by Lynn Sweat, and published by Greenwillow  Books, a division of William Morrow & Company, Inc. in 1995.
          Back by popular demand- Amelia is loved by our listeners all over the globe!  Get ready to laugh out loud as you enjoy the antics of Amelia and Mr. Rogers trying to drive through the countryside!

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