Forensic Files II

Forensic Files II


In the aftermath of violent crimes, unexplainable accidents and other strange occurrences, authorities search for answers in what was left behind. Listen as detectives, scientists and other experts sift through the clues, analyze the evidence and piece together data — all in hopes of finding the truth.

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Categories: Society & Culture

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An Illinois mother and her two young children are brutally murdered in their beds. Lurid threats are spray painted all over the walls of the crime scene. Detectives discover death threats sent to the family, exposing an unlikely killer.

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    Thu, 11 Aug 2022
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    Thu, 04 Aug 2022
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    Thu, 28 Jul 2022
  • 31 - Pulp Friction 
    Thu, 21 Jul 2022
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    Thu, 14 Jul 2022
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