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Become a champion for your family in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee! Every episode of the Focus on the Family Christian podcast helps you confidently guide your loved ones through the unique challenges faced by today’s Christian families. With over 40 years of trusted, compassionate stories of redemption, hosts Jim Daly and John Fuller connect you to biblically sound marriage and parenting help that is relatable, practical, and interesting. Listen/Learn/Apply/ThriveInChrist!

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In this best of 2023 broadcast, Robin Jones Gunn and Jenny Coffey stress that Mom should be the safest person in her daughter’s life – where the conversation about puberty and development can be ongoing. The duo explains that a girl’s self-image and self-esteem will be profoundly impacted by how parents navigate this child’s first exposure to sexuality. Robin and Jenny also describe how moms can initiate the “sex talk” conversation with their daughters.


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