Bigfoot Terror in the Woods Sightings and Encounters

Bigfoot Terror in the Woods Sightings and Encounters

W.J. Sheehan

You’ve heard him on Coast to Coast AM and the Sasquatch Chronicles. Now W.J. Sheehan, author of Bigfoot: Terror In The Woods, Sightings & Encounters Vol 1-6, brings you a podcast meant to chill the spine and stir your curiosity.

Categories: Comedy

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In cryptids in the news and other oddities, Kevin discusses the Goatman of Pope Lick Kentucky. Bill covers an incredible account of a Bigfoot encounter as told by a physicist from TN. And some great listener mail from many of you so please join us!Thank you for listening!www.bigfootterrorinthewoods.comProduced by: "Bigfoot Terror in the Woods L.L.C."

Previous episodes

  • 122 - Bigfoot TIW 122: Pope Lick Monster, and a Physicist and a Landscaper go for a hike in Tenn 
    Sat, 23 Oct 2021
  • 121 - Bigfoot TIW 121: Yeren the Chinese Bigfoot, and a Snowmobiling Bigfoot Encounter 
    Sat, 16 Oct 2021
  • 120 - Bigfoot TIW 120: Bigfoot moves into a cabin in Maine while owners are away, and when they return...mayhem occurs 
    Sat, 09 Oct 2021
  • 119 - Bigfoot TIW 119: Bill goes solo and shares his own experience with a UFO sighting and asks for prayers for his wife 
    Sun, 03 Oct 2021
  • 118 - Bigfoot TIW 118: Camping with Bigfoot in Northern California almost ends with a deadly outcome 
    Sat, 25 Sep 2021
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