Bedtime History

Bedtime History

Bedtime History

Bedtime History is a series of educational, relaxing stories for kids and families. Learn about inspirational characters such as Neil Armstrong, Sacajawea, George Lucas and J.K. Rowling. Other topics include space exploration, current events, and great feats of engineering such as The Transcontinental Railroad.

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Learn about Fred Rogers, the thoughtful television personality who became known as "Mister Rogers" during his show Mister Roger's Neighborhood.

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  • 136 - Fred Rogers 
    Sun, 11 Apr 2021
  • 135 - Elvis Presley 
    Sun, 04 Apr 2021
  • 134 - Stone Age 
    Sun, 28 Mar 2021
  • 133 - Rainforests 
    Mon, 22 Mar 2021
  • 132 - Hawaii 
    Sun, 14 Mar 2021
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