Because News from CBC Radio

Because News from CBC Radio

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Because News is Canada's funniest news quiz. Host Gavin Crawford quizzes comedians and celebrities about the headlines. Subscribe to get Members Only bonus episodes every Wednesday.

Categories: Comedy

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Andrew Phung, Miguel Rivas and Ashley Botting get quizzed by Gavin Crawford in this round that requires a disclaimer.

Previous episodes

  • 512 - Bonus Podcast: Controversial Comfort Holds 
    Wed, 01 Dec 2021
  • 511 - Ashley Botting takes the news quiz 
    Fri, 26 Nov 2021
  • 510 - Bonus Podcast: Make Alberta Phung Again (MAPA) 
    Wed, 24 Nov 2021
  • 509 - Run The Burbs star Andrew Phung takes the news quiz 
    Fri, 19 Nov 2021
  • 508 - Bonus Podcast: An Asian American muppet? 
    Wed, 17 Nov 2021
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