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Guests: Ryan Reilly, Barbara McQuade, Katie Benner, Bill Karins, Michelle Goldberg Seditious conspiracy on trial. Tonight: why the Oath Keepers defense argument could have massive implications for Donald Trump. Then, why the threat to democracy by way of Arizona is way more dire than you may think. And as Hurricane Ian approaches land the nightmare scenario unfolding for the west coast of Florida.

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  • 1194 - Seditious conspiracy trial of Oath Keepers begins 
    Wed, 28 Sep 2022
  • 1193 - Ex-Jan. 6 committee aide Denver Riggleman on new revelations from phone records 
    Tue, 27 Sep 2022
  • 1192 - What Republicans are threatening to do if they retake the House in November 
    Sat, 24 Sep 2022
  • 1191 - Trump admits to willful retention of documents in Hannity interview 
    Fri, 23 Sep 2022
  • 1190 - Michael Cohen reacts to $250M lawsuit filed against Trump, his kids, and his company 
    Thu, 22 Sep 2022
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