The Ghost Influence Podcast: How Viral Happens On Reddit

The Ghost Influence Podcast: How Viral Happens On Reddit

Brian Swichkow: Social Engineering, Digital Empathy, Community Marketing

An interview series breaking down the stories behind viral content, sharing what happened when it took off, and showing how the attention is being leveraged into something meaningful. Whether for marketing, fame, or influence — we deconstruct the art and science behind massive exposure only platforms like reddit can foster. Listen, learn, leverage.

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In search of himself, Andy Mai sought to take a more conscious look at... his look. He was one of the early adopters to jump into the /r/malefashionadvice subdreddit, also known as 'MFA', that has since grown to be one of Reddit's staple communities with over 500K readers. Andy's passion for expression extends beyond himself as he encourages people to experiment with their self image. Leading by example he constructed the now legendary prompt "let's have some fun" and submitted it to Reddit. Four years later he still gets questions from people seeking a supportive voice and is always there to answer the call. This episode is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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