Star Wars Legends: The Audio Drama Series

Star Wars Legends: The Audio Drama Series

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It has been over 15 years since the end of the great Sith War.... The Galactic Republic and Jedi Order have begun to rebuild the galaxy following the turmoil. However, amidst this Era of Restoration, The Mandalorians, an honor based group of warriors, have begun pillaging planets, in order to gain resources and become a galactic power, under the command of their leader, Mandalore the Ultimate....

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The conclusion to Season 1 of Tales of Revan has arrived! Will Aran and his companions escape? Will Keelah turn them in to the Mandalorians? Will Aran and Dral testify before the Jedi Grand Council? All this and more will be answered in this thrilling conclusion! I'm very proud of what we have done. This is two years of work leading to this moment. We are excited to announce Season 2 very soon! We hope you and enjoy, and May The Force be with you! CAST LIST *SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE* Jedi Master Kreia: Luthien from Girls With Sabers Joshua Medlock: Aran IrisDragon: Onvy Blis BeastBomb: Keelah Daydonic: Mal Poppletron: Dral Charrus Gate Guard: David Ortiz Cassus Fett: Brendan/Gyorgsva Mandalore The Ultimate: Thayne Attendant: ItalianStallion A.L.E.S.I.S.: TheJediExile Trandoshan: David Ortiz Ruhk Corso: Joshua Medlock Captain Declan: Spencer Coles Republic Droid: Martin Savill Protocol Droid: Spencer Coles Alek: Xero Jedi Knight: PIGSLAYA Music by: John Williams, Kevin Kiner Revan Cover Piano: Lucas King *DISCLAIMER* ALL RIGHTS GO TO RESPECTIVE OWNERS. THIS IS A WORK OF FAN-FICTION AND IS NOT INTENDED TO DETRACT OR CLAIM OWNERSHIP IN ANY WAY FROM DISNEY/LUCASFILM AND ANY OTHER PARTIES HEREIN.

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