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The human brain is always changing, and that constant state of flux helps us adapt to our ever-changing world. What would happen if we built our technologies and economic systems so that they function like our brains? + In his new book, Livewired, neuroscientist David Eagleman argues that far from being fixed, our brains constantly adapt to the changing external environment. There's a sort of 'survival of the fittest' battle going on inside our brains, as parts of the brain compete for space. That means the brain responds to new demands, whether that's living in a pandemic, or recovering from injury. + Beyond highlighting the myriad ways in which some social and political structures were ill-equipped to handle the constraints imposed by a global pandemic, COVID-19 has done an excellent job of demonstrating that the existing systems underpinning our world are in dire need of modernization and revitalization. Capitalism, whether applied to small business, large multinational conglomerates or the state itself, is one of those systems that needs scrutiny in order to address the issues highlighted by COVID-19, as well as ensure a better local and global society in the future. Ravi Nadjou is an innovation and leadership advisor based in New York City. He explains why — and how — we need to rethink capitalism at all levels.

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