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Photography Podcast


“Expand your Photography Knowledge” Photomission Exposure: we talk to photographers from all different backgrounds each episode we bring you their stories, each guest offering something for us to learn. Photomission Focus Discussing Photography hosts Terri and Stephen short discussions about different photography subjects where we all learn something new.

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Follow us on Instagram In this episode we talking about Are Camera Manufacturers Under Pressure ?come join us. Each episode Stephen and Terri discuss a different photography subject, join in to the discussion with a comment with your thoughts. About the hosts Terri runs her own wedding photography business with 20 years experience shooting all manner of things learn more about Terri’s photography on Instagram Stephen picked up the camera at age seven and has never put it down , runs a number of businesses including Photomission, he shoots all types of images see Stephen’s work on Instagram Podcast Cover Art Photo Credit Photographer Stephen Finkel

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