Meditation music. Peaceful calm music 528, 432 Hz

Meditation music. Peaceful calm music 528, 432 Hz


New episodes only here - <p><b>Please, read this.</b></p> <p>Hello. If the podcast was helpful for you, I ask you to give some money to a charity. I truly believe we can make a better world with less cynicism and egoism. You can handle several days without coffee. However, that money <strong>REALLY</strong> can help. Even a few dollars.</p> <p>Where to send and how much is only on you. Children, nature, homeless people. All problems are more real and nearer than you think.</p> <p>Just be a good person. Be a real hero. <b><i>Peace. </b></i></p> <br>

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I am exhausted. Future episodes will be available only for patrons (not sure about that). I think these podcasts already have plenty of great music.Every patron will have at least one episode a week. You won't have any difficulty. There is a possibility to use RSS link inside your podcast app (where you are reading to this).Patreon - hope you will understand.Nature calm music, sounds. Relaxation, background musicMeditation music. Peaceful calm music 528, 432 HzCalm music for focus, relaxation and meditationCalm Piano music. Peaceful, meditation, background music for studyingBest classical study music, focus, thinking, meditation, relaxing music

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