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Double Tap Canada is the show where blind people talk tech! If you’re blind or partially sighted and have an interest in technology, this is the show for you. Everyone is welcome no matter how old you are or how much or how little experience you have with technology. Each week the team will help you better understand how technology can help your everyday life, even if you have little or no sight. Join the conversation and add your voice to the show either by calling in, sending an email or leaving us a voicemail! Email: Phone: 1-866-509-4545

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Brace yourselves, Steven Scott has found a folder full of TV theme tunes and he's not afraid to use them. This week’s Double Tap Canada ain't getting on no plane, but we are looking at what’s new in the world of tech. We revisit the topic of audio description as the curse of Picard strikes again. With yet another episode’s audio description track having some real issues, we hear from some listeners with their take on the state of audio description and how it needs to improve. Next, Robin Christopherson shows us just how quickly and easily you can create a podcast using the Rec Up app and Audacity. Can he really create a Dot to Dot episode in 5 minutes? Yes, he can. Tim then tells us about a new game from game developer Rare. They have announced that every game they make from now on will focus on being inclusive. But just what does that mean and how can it be done? We'll take a listen to the audio described trailer for their upcoming game EverWild. Next up, Shaun runs through the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event and gets all nostalgic about flip phones and excited about megapixels. On to assistive tech news this week we look at the announcement that ScripTalk will now be available in Empire pharmacies across Canada, meaning that blind & visually impaired customers can easily read medicine instructions. Also, if you are all about the memes, then the news that Twitter has expanded alt text to include animated Gifs should make you very happy. The show wraps up with an email from Double Taps own unofficial poet, Billy. He lets us know just what's in his drawers in his own unique style.

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